Do You Remember Me?

A Father with Alzheimer's


The greatest computer ever made

Cannot match the brainís complexity

Holding decades of information

Yet Iím not sure you remember me


All those childhood memories I cherish

All those stories, sitting on your knee

Gaining wisdom from your tales of life

But Daddy, do you remember me?


Some days your spry eyes are bright and clear

Other times they are dull and cloudy

But will you know who I am today?

Your daughterÖ do you remember me?


My heart breaks to pieces when I see you

Check your bracelet for your identity

But itís like a knife thrust to my heart

When you donít even remember me


I need to look deep within myself

To see my egocentricity

Because it hurts to see you so lost

Yet I cry when you donít remember me


Whether itís a good day or bad day

I hope that youíll be able to see

That I will love you no matter what

Even if you donít remember me

 ~ Eileen Magill